Psychotron - pray for salvation

Genre : Thrash Metal
Country : Netherlands
Year : 2017
Audio codec : MP3
Riptype : tracks
Bitrate : 320 kbps
Playtime : 47:30

This band was formed during the 1977 in Toronto, Ontario. Rapid Tears has always been ahead of their time, offering up a good mix of rock and early metal, influenced by NWOBHM, that hasn’t lost any of its punch with the passage of time. These guys weren't afraid of playing fast, with an alarmingly crude production that gives it a dose of credibility and proves these guys had studied their British counterparts well. Songs like the fast opener "Survival", the anthem "Headbang", the epic "Tomorrow" and the hard rock influences of "Keep Runnin'", worth listening to. The American heavy metal passes here too.

Psychotron - Pray For SalvationPsychotron - Pray For SalvationPsychotron - Pray For SalvationPsychotron - Pray For Salvation