Various - scarface! volume 1

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Most of the rest of the country (and even some people in Chicago) correctly regarded Al Capone.
Reproduced by permission of AP/Wide World Photos . Capone as a menace. In the late 1920s President Herbert Hoover (1874–1964) ordered his secretary of the treasury to find a way to put Capone behind bars. Capone had up to this point managed to escape jail time for any of his crimes. The government's decision to crack down on him just added to the problems he was having. His profits from bootlegging had started to decline as a result of the coming of the Great Depression (a period from 1929 to 1939 during which nearly half the industrial workers in the country lost their jobs) and the ending of Prohibition.

When most people think of Frank Oz, they remember his classic puppet characters, a la Yoda and Miss Piggy. But in addition to teaching Luke Skywalker the ways of the Force, Oz has directed quite a few films, including The Dark Crystal and What About Bob? And in 1988, Oz was the guy behind Dirty Rotten Scoundrels , the con man comedy starring Michael Caine and Steve Martin.

The soundtrack to the 2001 summer blockbuster flick The Fast and the Furious is packed with enough high-octane power to blast the covers off of your speakers with the speed and impact of a blown-out tire. The 17 tracks on the album are loaded with the identical attitude and swagger of that found in the movie, where rival gangs race to establish their street cred amongst the swirl of revving engines, crime, passion, and power. A laid-back, funky track starts the album off with a note of confidence and smooth swagger, with thumping bass beats accompanying the butter-smooth vocals of Faith Evans, who repeats the mantra, "tha good life." The tune evokes a clear vision of that moment when you're cruisin' the blacktop with the top down, one hand on the wheel, goin' 90 mph, with the road slipping away like running water under your car. Despite the second track on the album -- a crisp, thuggish rap mistakenly set over an infinite loop of strange robotic beat patterns -- the soundtrack is the perfect racecar companion, a veritable album for your common road and track connoisseur, perfect for burning out tires and aggressions simultaneously. Stand by the volume button to blast the sultry, bass-heavy track "When a Man Does Wrong," and keep it cranked to get the full effect of the cool, catchy track "Race Against Time Part 2," featuring Tank and Ja Rule. The tide on the album turns and gains speed with the gritty vocals and aggressive raps of "Furious," right before things slow down long enough for R. Kelly to lay down his signature steamy bedroom banter on "Take My Time Tonight." The rival gang element of the movie tears into the soundtrack on the raucous track "The Prayer," a no-apologies tune with enough attitude to fire up even the most stubborn pistons. Hustlers get props on the crisp, straightforward rap track "Hustlin'," while the ladies take over the mic on the next to last cut, a remix of Madonna 's "Justify My Love." Limp Bizkit teams up with DMX, Redman , and Method Man for the adrenalized track "Rollin'," which features machine-gun-quick drum patterns and a mean beat. Packed with enough aggressive vocals, slick beats, smooth tracks, and powerhouse anthems for die-hard driving fans, this album is great for those with the need for speed.

The city was everything he had hoped for, full of ambition and opportunity. Young and slim, with thick black hair, he studied for his high-school diploma while working nights at a newsstand for $50 a week. At 19, he fell in love with Joan, 16, who worked in a nearby store. They married in 1951 and moved into a cramped apartment in the shadow of the United States Penitentiary in Atlanta. He was too poor to afford antifreeze for his car.

Various - Scarface! Volume 1Various - Scarface! Volume 1Various - Scarface! Volume 1Various - Scarface! Volume 1